About Us

SiteOcity Hosting is an evolution of several years of hosting experience from all realms of the hosting industry. We are fast becoming the leader in the multi-domain hosting industry. This is a way that we bring the most to our customers by charging them less per account. Customer referrals have fueled organic, steady growth, with the vast majority of new customers being referred from existing ones. As a result, our customer acquisition costs are among the lowest in the hosting industry and we pass the savings to our customers.

Our services are used by small businesses and individuals, and are also becoming favorites with designers and developers who value our rich featuresand low price. We are not resellers, we own and operate our own servers.

Contact Information

The easiest and most efficient way to contact Siteocity Hosting is through the internet. This is where we are 24/7 with our support and there should always be a live representative online ready to answer any question you have.

We offer our phone number for special needs and requests. If you are calling for technical support we will ask you to submit a ticket, so we can track the issue and work through it much more efficiently. Our technicians are trained to work through issues fast and efficiently, but they ARE NOT trained to walk people through issues on the phone. We do this for everyone’s best interest.